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Bespoke content management systems

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A content management system enables users to update content on their website without learning HTML or programming.

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How it Works

1. Design a prototype

You design a static HTML and CSS prototype.

2. Integrate the CMS

We customise the CMS and integrate it into your website

3. Enter content

Your client can then add their content.

4. Website is ready

The content is instantly live on the website.

Key Features


  • Can be added to any website
  • Extendable to support CRM and Ecommerce
  • As the site grows, sections can be added and modified


  • No programming knowledge required
  • Simple user interface with little to no training required
  • Pagination and drag & drop reordering

Designer friendly

  • The CMS is fitted around your design
  • Template system means you can edit header/ footer and navigation from one file
  • No programming required.


  • Expert support
  • 12 month warranty on development
  • Extended warranty available

Our CMS solutions are easy-to-use and flexible. Here is a rundown:

Bespoke CMS

Our systems can be built around any existing website. There are no pre-determined templates, and therefore no compromise on design. For speed of development there is a generic interface to the CMS system itself. This CMS is extremely flexible as it is and can also be extended if required. The following options are available.

Lots of data types

Our CMS has built-in support for all types of data including: rich text, email addresses, postcodes, images, dropdown menus and many more.


Built-in validation to make sure email addresses, postcodes and urls are entered correctly and that all required fields are completed.

User Privileges

You can additional administrators and staff with limited access to different areas of the CMS

Logging changes

Changes can be logged so that you can see who edited what and when.

ShiftMail/ SMS integration

Users can be sent SMS messages and newsletters.

Import/ Export

Data can be imported and exprted using CSV files.


Search facility across all fields - can even be used to find users within a set distance of a postcode.

Google integration

Postcodes are linked into google maps. Word and PDF files can be opened in google docs.

Not just a CMS

Our system can act as an ecommerce back-end or a CRM and work with any type of site.

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